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Photonic sensors is a growing technology field addressing a diverse spectrum of applications including industrial, food, engineering, biomedical  or environmental applications. Rayfos specializes in industrial and consumer applications in the field of portable optical devices and fast processing electronics for real-time use. We integrate existing principles into functional prototypes or devices or undertake custom developments that include innovative sensing principles.

A particular area of expertise includes the development of sensors for measurements in food or medical applications by incorporating multi-wavelength illumination and advanced, real-time spectral processing schemes for the detection of particular constituents of the object sensed. LED or laser-diode technology matched to silicon photodetectors or compact digital cameras and processing algorithms allow flexible cost-effective implementations with a broad spectrum of applications. Despite the use of inexpensive instrumentation, Rayfos uses proprietary technology that improves the quantification of object constituents by allowing separation of the absorption signature sensed over other background properties that influence the measurements (other absorbers, diffusers, time-dependent components etc). Due to the use of advanced algorithmic and processing methods, Rayfos offers perhaps the highest quantification ability of optical signatures on the market today, even with low-cost hardware implementations.

Through participation in European networks, such as PRISAR ( H2020 program RISE ) Rayfos applies its proprietary technology to a multidisciplinary environment employing surgery, pathology, chemistry, physics, bioinformatics and clinical sciences to advance image guided surgery through the quantitative detection of injectable agents from humans during surgery. This technology is expected to improve the overall survival and quality of life of patients undergoing surgery.

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