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RAYFOS is an innovative scientific software firm, focusing on providing demanding high tech customers with state-of-the-art solutions. Our team builds on its long expertise in technology to deliver emerging innovations to our customers fully tailored to their needs and business requirements.

We work in close collaboration with our customers in a systematic yet flexible process to deliver tailored, high impact innovation in scientific applications. We have assembled a group of career professionals with long experience, professional certification and special skill sets in a variety of related engineering fields. Our group has also an established reputation in developing alpha prototypes and transforming innovation to applied technology and functional products.


We adopt a mixed yet flexible customer-centric business model, offering:

• Real time sensing software

• GPU acceleration components used in High Performance Computing solutions

• System-level metrology solutions prototyping, integration and set-up

Our mission is to address the market need that exists in a vast range of specialized technology applications, mainly in industrial and biomedical fields. In those cases, conventional optical imaging, typically based on lens-based CCD camera technology and legacy system design, cannot provide the required accuracy and precision


Innovation awards

We are so proud that our Horizon2020 ICT  & Photonics21 project Innoderm has won the 2021 ECS Innovation Award for the development and validation of RSOM. Congrats to all our partners involved!!!


The web site of the Tumor and Lymph Node on Chip project is live. You can read more about the Horizon 2020 EU funded project in the press release.