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RAYFOS software IP comes with extensive integration support for system-level solutions based on state-of-the-art sensor technology, enhanced with advanced data acquisition and novel signal processing modules that can offer highly accurate, reliable on-demand quantitative measurement.



CompuFEL is an expert software platform that can calculate light propagation through different media including a mix of geometrical optics and particle optics. The software allows the selection of a large variety of media, including lens materials, refractive or diffractive interfaces and environmental and biological matter of various particulate concentrations and properties.

CompuFEL allows the tracking of rays in two and three dimensions and the quantitative calculation of gains and losses useful in the design of demanding optical systems and metrology applications. License to the software can be provided as an OEM component and the inputs and outputs can be adapted to user-defined systems and media. The Figure on the right shows simulations of a light beam through two media with different indices of refraction and particulate “lipid” concentration derived for sensing applications in the food industry.



SpectroSense is a powerful new Rayfos platform that allows sensing in demanding industrial and environmental fields whereby the measurement parameters may dynamic change over time in non-predictive matters. SpectroSense is a combination of an adaptable spectrometer, typically a fiber based polychromator and guided statistical spectral analysis methods and compressive sensing algorithms that enable the analysis of up to 50 different chromophores and particulates in real-time computation times. Following the Rayfos philosophy this powerful spectral analysis tool is offered primarily for OEM applications and can be tuned to the needs of the application. Current implementations are geared for sensing plant changes and early detection and monitoring of plant disease. A particular advantage of SpectroSense is that it can differentiate between healthy and diseased states over a large variation of color properties by dynamically separating and intelligently allocating spectral features to quantify the amount of healthy cells from infected or apoptotic cells.

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