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RAYFOS offers its significant know-how in Optical technology for solving critical problems in practical everyday cases like clinical diagnosis, process control, industrial monitoring , to name a few. The deep knowledge of physical characteristics and optic phenomena enables custom specification, classification, design specification and fast delivery of special lenses and filters made to address significant highly complex requirements. Moreover, RAYFOS introduces cutting edge techniques including innovative multispectral methods and analysis.


Our innovative expertise is already applied in diverse application domains:

In industrial environment, sensing of patterns can become complex at varying data collection conditions. In such cases, it is a combination of appropriate hardware (illumination, spectral information) and optics software (pattern recognition, spectral analysis) at system level expertise that can offer an optimal solution.

In biomedical industry applications, the conventional imaging solutions featuring only hardware (e.g. microscopy) or software (e.g. cell-tracking) are unable to offer optimal approach to complex clinical environment detection and accuracy problems. Using RAYFOS’ innovative optics know-how, advanced filter design and proper lense integration is made easy with respect to custom requirements. In a robust system level detection platform made the RAYFOS way, optimal algorithms -not able to be efficiently used before- can be integrated efficiently.

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