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About us

Who we are


At RAYFOS, we have deep knowledge about our customers technology needs and challenges. Using our core expertise in optical innovation and metrology system development, we are able to rapidly translate application requirements to technical specification and system prototyping. We also realize that projects and relationships evolve to the point that time schedules must be redrawn from scratch. Our cooperative team spirit makes our customers reach their goals and allows us to follow those changing requirements in an adaptive approach. In order to achieve that, we have developed agile, interchangeable, quality processes that can be customized specifically to ANY customer specification. In the long run, it is the customer that leads the direction of the project, so that final deliverables are tailored to their needs and success is guaranteed.

The beginning


Rayfos has emerged from a team of scientists with multi-disciplinary knowledge in optic based system design. This knowledge has been applied to specific application scenarios of known high level of challenge. Several techniques were successfully created that address significant problems in real world environment. In 2013, Rayfos sets to bring that core know-how in the market and expand its offerings towards innovative metrology solutions for demanding applications in a variety of markets worldwide.

Our Team


Rayfos’ international team combines several years of experience in optics, signal processing and metrology system design. Our scientists and engineers hold a strong background in academic and industrial projects. Our management professionals showcase a rich portfolio of successfully delivered technology projects worldwide as well as deep knowledge of electronics application market.

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